The Chinese Materia Medica is comprised of a variety of bark, flowers and seeds used to treat the body. This is similar to the way pharmaceuticals treat different ailments. In fact, many of the active ingredients in many of the top pharmaceuticals derive from plants. Herbalism has traditionally been used all over the world to treat every kind of illness and disease. The active components of plants are the basis for many of the most potent pharmaceutical drugs used in Western medicine. When using Chinese and Western herbs, I use the whole plant, taking into account the temperature and characteristics of the individual herb. These herbs are then combined to make a formula, with great caution exercised to make sure that there are the correct properties to cope with your specific complaint and/or illness. The most common mode of administration I use is a granular extract. With granules, the specific herb has already been cooked in water and is then extracted into a powder substance. I then decide what I believe will work best for you and mix the different extracts to create a blend that is specifically formulated to treat your complaint. From here, we can add or subtract herbs based on the way your body reacts and how you feel. You receive a bottle of the mixture and take it with hot water two to three times per day. Some people do not like the taste at first but learn to love it. Others have said they actually look forward to taking the mixture because it makes them feel so good. One of the reasons I like using a custom-made Chinese herbal formula is because it continues to treat the body even after the needles are out. This allows for less treatments needed and eventually leads to faster results. Bottom line: herbal medicine is awesome and works just as well, if not better, than many of the other therapies I provide!